Toilet Training


Help your kids learn to go to the toilet on their own


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If your kids are starting to understand their needs and slowly leaving diapers behind, Toilet Training is an app designed to help them learn to go to the toilet by themselves, without the help of an adult. This app, developed by BabyBus, is specially aimed at parents who want to educate their children in a nice and enjoyable way, both for their kids and for themselves.

The game is so simple that your kids will quickly realize what it is about; there are two main characters, a girl and a boy that have to perform certain actions like showing the kids that if they drink too much, they'll feel the need to go to the toilet and they will have to go by themselves. In this part of the game, you and your kid have to help the characters get to the toilet, flush, use toilet paper, and wash their hands. Thanks to all of these hints, kids quickly understand the process, and know what to do the next time they have to pee.

On the other hand, Toilet Training includes a series of secondary mini-games that give kids the confidence they need to go to the toilet on their own, in case the lights are off, for example. This way, your kids will know that even if the room is dark, all they need to do is find the light switch. Thanks to the polished and colorful interface kids stay entertained while learning these basics.

Help your kids grow with teaching apps like Toilet Training, a tool that allows you to encourage them to take that step and leave diapers behind. Meanwhile they also learn that the restroom light shouldn't be left on, water shouldn't be left running, and that the toilet seat should be down. They can learn all this with fun characters in the game. Just a couple of minutes a day will remind them the steps they need to take if they want to go to the toiler on their own.

New available language: Spanish